Garbage Post: Inside Winter Grass

Showing restraint, or being stubborn

Reflection, or conversation rejection

I’m feeling and guessing vital parts are missing

And I won’t, don’t, or just plain refuse to improve

I can do better, indifference says whatever

Or is it comfort tucking me into some twisted complacency

Please God, please help me.


Show up at the finish line like hey well I made it

Waiting to live life after my heart’s beats have faded

Wanting you to speak and at the same time afraid

What am I doing with my time and look at all the stupid choices I’ve made

Please God, help me.


The darkest dark

An unbelieving and distrusting heart

Running away from the light into the worst parts

A fear and a horror and a nightmare, from me depart

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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