Reaching Out To You Through Lines

If I call out, call out to you

Will you be pleased to hear my voice?

Been running out of fuel

Almost convinced I’m a fool

Truly tired of my thoughts.

They say I’m not good enough

They say I’m not going anywhere

They say I’m already dead

They say no one cares

They say my prayers are weak

They tell me the future is bleak

And God I’m afraid they’re right

I’m afraid I’m far from your light

Please prove them wrong.

Work then home, work again, it numbs me

Spend a couple hours in my head, it’s boring

Hard to focus on the word, nonsense interferes.

I go to pray, scared I’m not saying what you want to hear

I’m not depressed but I feel empty

Leftovers every day, plain, lukewarm simply, dull.

If you ask what have I done, I’ll say paid most of my bills and stayed out of trouble

Slow handclap, that’s that.

Here we go again

Another twenty four hours poorly spent

New man filled with extra deep dents

This can’t be, make it make sense.

Because they say I’m not good enough

They say I’m not going anywhere

Please prove them wrong.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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