Thin String Tug

I stay away because I’m ashamed

Could have done today better, called on your name

Others around me think you are joke

Ignore your son and the words of life I quote

Am I in the same tree when I miss the boat

My life is winding down it’s plainly felt

Whether I live or die it should be for Jesus not for self

Ask for assistance then ignore the help

Isolated by wrong choices

Tired of the foolishness via internal voices

And I know the world continues to change the definition of a man

I want your definition God only yours will stand

Don’t want to hurt anyone depending on kindness

Soften my heart please remove my blindness

Before my last breath comes and may regret be far

Teach me to love like you do even with these scars.


It’s easy to hide instead of face fears

Easy to break connections instead of coming clean, persevere

Don’t abandon the vehicle if you engaged the wrong gears

Run into the forest of confusion or find maturity through bitter tears

So God I know what running away does I’ve done it twice

Put loved ones and close friends on the coldest driest ice

Thought rebellion was better than heaven, this fake distraction tainted paradise with more than a little leaven, sin

Gotta hold fast to our confession or the last state will be worse than when we begun, grim

We believe but help our unbelief.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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