Flunk History

I’m afraid of failing but it won’t help me stand, slow to move, quick sand

Jesus my reasonable sacrifice makes sense, I’m at the gate, or am I on the fence, foolishness has no defense

And I’ve been known for just putting in enough gas to make it to another gas station while blaming inflation or trivial aggravations

I don’t want to appear the judgment seat like well um, head down, shuffling feet

Afraid of immaturity, milk instead of meat, while other brothers and sisters seem complete, I fear being erased permanently, a hard delete

I should be doing more and trying harder instead I procrastinate then falter, flunk pains coming are my prayers garbage before his altar?

So many ways to fall away

Am I running or walking yelling I can’t stay

Failure to execute renewal of the mind on every play

Lackluster, mediocre, inferior

Superior possibilities but possibly lacking drive in the interior

There are so many ways to fall I’ve gotta pray

I’ve flunked every test sent my way

Scared I’m running or walking away

Before the throne of God and don’t know what to say.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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