Before You Walk Out The House.

The unseen but promised

I float away when immediate results hide

Looking elsewhere for confirmation a new thrill to buy

Never held onto patience it seemed too boring

Plants grow in private masked and when we’re snoring

Silly me shrugging saying God I don’t see anything good here

Perhaps I’m not praying and reading right so I’ll keep silent slowly disappear

Blame God for any and all distance when it’s my rubber neck in resistance I’m fickle spit at persistence I set a timer and God didn’t meet my clock regarding providing assistance different tone but familiar insistence explain your plan Edmond subsistence

The enemy loves to catch us ’round the outside sniper’ s choice in luring towards a trap then buying bye easy oh how negativity swears to ride then bails promises comfort but it’s a bed of nails

Progress is progress even a snail’s

Hold on.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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