Importance swept away by little strings asking to be pulled

Time for chasing dead ends tired when you return

Cast away notifications of your name being called

Common paths taken without thought or deviation

Placing you in with the ordinary or maybe requests are too plenty

We expect great things from wrong directions

Rewarded with dissatisfaction and brand new questions

Fear of needs being unmet and not cared for

Right keys yet still locked doors

Silence as invisible rain pours over troubled heads in bed.


You think it’s a joke but you’ve been told and it’s always brushed off as a inconvenient request from a confused heart, but where should I start?

If I can’t come to you, or maybe I’m in error, shouldn’t care about things I do, being set up by my desires, trying to see if you are cruel, or if I’m a fool, maybe neither one is true, it’s all glue at this time.

Stuck, stuck, stuck, in my mind.


Oh the sea and its waves never cave they always taunt the shore

Some days it’s all too much to look after, too much to witness while I’m trembling

What if I’m off thinking off rails in slow motion until fade to black

Fear of needs being unmet.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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