Garbage Post: Tape And Fears

Industrial tape over lips before I ignite fires hotter than imagined imagine being slow to speak and reading James within meditation being a doer and hearer getting clearer understanding godly blessings and proper planning fanning love out praise to God when we shout what’s all the yelling about, love

Teach me love my Lord teach me love my God the God only God Almighty his goodness shines pure and brightly wraps me in hope daily promptly sturdily nightly

Layers to it all help me to detach from mirrors I write hoping you’ll put these questions in your pocket like a father’s child’s smiling pictures in a wallet for when I ask if you held my hand when I didn’t feel your presence during winter’s cold tossed and rolled uneasy queasy wondering if I’ll stay faithful scared I’ll compromise becoming ever sleazy no promises life will be easy

Tape over my mouth sir I’ll be quick to hear let earthly things I’ve desired fade quickly disappear draw close to God come near cast down fears pay attention to ears disregard past statements from past years misguided peers ignore sneers dodge smears please God feel free to steer awaiting Heaven you’ll wipe all tears, teach me how to love like you.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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