Dropped By Some Prayed For By Others

Prayers for the hard-headed take a while to get through pride it’s a lot to move aside but stay faithful at least you’ve tried decisions are our own

Years and years of being ridiculous and ridiculed told on many occasions I’d always be lost foolish mentally challenged petty and rude nasty black trash by those with my skin color same blood far from brothers

My grandfather grandmother and momma prayed for me I’m sure my dad did too although a curse on men makes our relationship hard to see I never thought daylight would come so it seemed darkness wanted to hold my hands dashing me into stones breaking skin then one day crying while thinking suicide a whisper brought me in


Prayers for the hard-headed and tough lessons folks, much pain inside wrapping sensitive eyes and hearts in smoke, but we’ll pray for them until we’re gone, never letting them go someone has to hold on, prayers.


Always beautiful but she never believed it because of lack of attention and things she liked no one would mention adding to her social anxiety pressing on her chest tons of tension

Her family loved her everyone else saw through her like plastic wrap sadly she cried herself to sleep deep in her pillow after school seeking shelter in excessive naps tangled yeah wrapped in chasing scenes seen on TV and games relationship options surely lead to making it through life although it’s strange

Feeling there was something missing not fashion sex flirting or the North American dream ship on fire currently sinking blinking after blunts staring into the sky how did she get here and why she never fit in never meant for this world to be home a better destination if Christ Jesus stayed on her heart’s throne ever since she’s never been alone


But it all started with prayers for the hard-headed, grandparents and mothers who cried to God without ceasing never regretted how much time they spent at the throne, another successful campaign leading to a soul coming home.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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