Garbage Post: By The Park In GC

Rejection is a giant

Worthlessness, worthlessness is a giant too

And we wrestle, box, war

Foolishness asking what considering beforehand is for

Indifference stands by hands folded, shrug upon shrug coating places I thought secure fully exposed scolded

I write papers to the sewer people, through the ugly parts of human nature

So when they shout oh you think you’re better than us, they can review dents scuffs and rust

I must push forward going back is death, praying for godly exercises to extend my God given breath


Standing still feels disrespectful in this age where being quiet is frowned upon I was singing Smashing Pumpkins just a rat in cage dreaming of praise on stage

Social anxiety from the teasing without a reason running with heathens but something inside was pleading for a different route, never been about what they talk about

And before I fall asleep I present these messages and pray my Christian brothers and sisters learn how love brings, keeps us together

It’s cold out here and the future isn’t looking any better so if you write write your true story letters

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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