Aloof Academy

One pill to step through the doorway and leave what I’ve seen behind

Every painting’s true meaning revealed with additional space between anxious feet

Oh they talk a great game fancy footwork and excuses designed well to hide webs

But one little pill and I can see through every flexible reason bent for their plans

Help me look away from the fancy super drawing lights

Get me to understand looking from distance gives a fighting chance


Use any excuse to avoid being direct and charge it to my passive stance

A little pill and now it all backfires my feet refuse to dance

You want assertive or do you want stone-faced or do you want me to perform smiling on cue

Tell me what you want so I can dial up a performance guaranteed to move you

Blame me for your inability to state your desires plainly

Until I look away partially numb nerve pain tingling

I’ll pray asking God for wisdom and guidance every night

Crying before him without shame as tears fall when I tell him something isn’t right

This pill they gave me to step down and away and back works so well I’ve relaxed

See the little games you play and you’ve goofed


What are you thinking about after reading this?

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