Butter The Better

Clothesline displayed for all I’m constantly washing, intent on freedom never stopping, ignoring false starts clumsy drops dropping, hoping off my horse named pride laying every single weight aside no longer hiding it when I hide, glide when the mind rather stay in place, gotta drink water from Jesus for hydration may my praise never be an abomination, fighting to get home sliding in hearing safe, running with diligence in this race, I’ll bring others along as well we’ll discover just how delicious resting in God tastes.


Torment yeah torture is in stagnation, stuck in the me myself and I plantation, relying on feelings led by fickle sensations, told to go forward but standing by for confirmation, God I’m scared of my folly swear I shoot the biggest bow an impressive volley, making plans but never rolling on the correct trolley, I pray never to return to my own vomit like a border collie, why do you tolerate a hard headed child, will ever be chill like taco bell sauce mild, don’t leave me to false understanding stuck in the wild.


Lord Jesus, I want to be a hearer and doer of the word, lip service alone is easy disrespectful so absurd the world is watching, this is why I’m sad saddened I maybe flopping, my only hope, salvation is in the Holy rock and the Lord of lords, King of kings, because when I look for good in me search results say empty, simply looking above where I store treasure, shaking off sensual chains hidden chains in the world’s pleasures, echoing in my mind still that prophet saying you said I can do better.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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