Ziplock Sand

You don’t think I love you?!

What about the tears I cry

Ask God how many prayers I’ve sent out

Ask God if I’m praying for you

Ask my fears if I’m afraid of what you might do

When you realize how many flaws I have

When you realize I need help to stand

Asking God daily why he loves such a weak and struggling man.

And you dare

Ask if I still want you

You dare

Ask if I’ll stop being stubborn to hold you close

How bold

Asking if I want someone else or to be by myself

After all these hard times and uncertain years we’ve sown.

Sand from that one time every thing seemed perfect, saved

My greatest fear is ruining your life, I’ve asked God to steer and direct me in being a godly man

Destruction is scary

Indifference and bitterness as acid

Betrayal as dull knives sharpened over time behind the back.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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