Garbage Post: Neon Flashes In An Alley

Momentary issues flash neon pink rapidly, eye photographs testing me, trying to trap in a pause, a broken step for twisted ankles falls call for a proper setup, incorrect yearnings

Emotions are gasoline in search of bridges always on the main screen as widgets timing launching on user weaknesses, hungry, angry, lonely, tired, hopeless, endurance deplete doubled, doubt blinking eyes asking to be cuddled


I need time but can I have time if I don’t take time, how can I claim time if time isn’t mine, should I rewind, foolish or studying wisdom’s heights or mental decline, am I being cheesy are all my poems paired with cheap wine, God I trust in my Lord and Savior but unbelief won’t move such an annoying neighbor even after I’ve read my rights in red letters, I pray and beg to understand your will better.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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