Lying But With Beautiful Music And Candles

You’ll never change

Permanently the same

Just stupid games

Stay in your lane

And you already know how this ends

Why fool all your “friends”

Wrap it up and save time you’re wasting air

I know the future it’s gold wrapper wrapped in despair

Problems pears your fruit pairs everywhere

And the classic when you’re lonely is no one cares

Plus a side of why do exist why am I even here?!

You’ll never change

You’ll never grow

I said so I’m the complete navigation station

Leading your entire life with my incorrect investigations and false statements

Sure you’ve been off road but I feature an all wheel deception mode

Completely handy when feeling lonely or angry I encourage you to explode

We both know you can’t help it blame it on your cards

Or perhaps your birth month weird alignment of the stars


You’ll never change.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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