Garbage Post: Caterpillar

We will pray for the same tree

Holding hands connected and free

A few years ago we’d laugh at this

Now making time for prayer we don’t miss

Such a big change from cutting our wrists

No 4Loco cans littering the living room

No bong taking up the afternoon

We pray for renewed minds

Carefully redeeming the times

We were born for times like these

Planted here in history

Surely not to get drunk and high

Waste every day and night away wave bye

No we will pray under the same tree

Ambassadors for Jesus we bow our knees

Life ain’t about a bank account

Life ain’t about a pretty house

Life ain’t about the next high

Life ain’t about daydreaming head in the sky

Life ain’t about physical pleasure

Life ain’t about, what we’ve been told

See how it quickly gets old in its pattern

A few years ago we’d laugh at this.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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