Moody Frustration

A little moody as frustration kicks my quiet closet door in

I’m tired but haven’t done any work far, from the beginning

Suffering, hoping to recover, the spirit is willing the flesh, cracked rubber

Sleep won’t command the ship of purpose to shore

My weaknesses roar attacking oars I’m floored taking on more

Used to play video games for hours trying to escape

Used to daydream for days satisfied with an imaginary cape

Playing intense conversations that never took place

Rewinding it all over again different options same tape

If I hate this so much why repeat the very same track

Like playing sad music with depression and its abuse spitting the opposite of facts

Oh you of little faith my nickname throughout this pain

So yeah I’m a little moody and frustrated fending off shame.

People depending on me find out the truth via the second’s hand

Expectations higher than the sun, results, down in unkept sewers

But I pray on my pilgrim’s progress not to be the man in the iron cage

The key labeled promise at my heart to escape doubting castle

Hopeful my companion and led by true light into days with perfect sight

Moody frustration will give place to patient waiting

Fully participating In abating flashing neon lights of grim that dim

And may my book of events lead others on safer routes

May we pray for each other regarding overcoming all doubts.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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