Winter Cup Of Ice Cold Water

Winter backdrop

And I feel ice cold

Filled and almost overflowing

No warmth

Scene on a mountain side

Wind shredding emotions I can’t hide

Praying my actions far from disguised backside


It’s cold

Quiet and loud at the same time

Bitter winds and a dry heat in my mind

Ice cubes but sweat silent landmines

Stirred and shaken guts

And I’m thirsty for change but feel frozen

Oh Lord Jesus it’s cold


Wires torn and I feel broken

Wish my tongue would disconnect

Writing my only breakthrough

After prayer and tears

Asking why ice cubes clang in my ears

Where am I

Where I am

Is cold





Insignificant trivial

It isn’t true but these days are colored blue I’m apologizing to God for wasting his time

Struggling with self-control how can I think breathing is acceptable the enemy opens fire

God loves me because he loves me doesn’t change his reasons at 5 am rolling his eyes saying never mind

I see flaws and faults in my selections God I feel like a faulty building a renter swears is just fine

Gotta keep asking what’s wrong with me is sanctification into triple overtime?!

It’s cold.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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