Tour 20

Far from home

In enemy territory

An ambassador

In training

Flaming arrows flying

Inside our heads

Can’t get comfortable

Snares and traps everywhere

And pulling souls out of fire is the goal

Pleading for reconciliation to God to take hold

Splinter in your mind when they this world is fine

They say God is dead and this is the only place we have

But it all sounds and seems incorrect you’ve never fit in though you’ve tried your best

You know something isn’t right it’s felt day and night

I’m not rich or highly qualified

Highly intelligent or attractive

Far from fancy

Virtually no one to everyone

God chooses people the world disregards

People aware of being incomplete

Days bleak?

Who should we run to?

The world?

With all the temporary things it offers

Life seems forever until it’s not

An impressive temporary situation that stops

Who should you run to?

The beginning and end

Without Jesus we can do nothing

Let him in.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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