Another Work Week

What should I do

I’m not a waste or mistake

Now that I see light

I’ll step out of my cave

What should I do

My life is hid with Jesus in God

That’s where I’ll look

It’s where I’ll stay

These circumstances shake me

In God I’m safe

Help me see past the rain and wind

Walk on water my friend

My compass Isn’t broken

And God knows exactly where I should be

I’ll ask him to lead me.


Fear in my voice

Uncertainty twenty feet tall

I’m shaking

The enemy says God does not care at all

Master do you care

We are perishing

Of course he does

We of little faith

I’m him is the safest place

God you know these bills keep coming

God you know my stomach is turning

Seems everything is burning

Material things fade so it’s intimacy with you I’m looking and yearning for

I’ll ask you to lead me.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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