Goose Creek

All windows down

Radio off

Driving along alone

Turned off my phone


No looking ahead

Inside messy head

Future marked out with red

What do I know about tomorrow


Something is changing

I’m stepping away from tightly held mental fillers

Old me cannot make it in the present


Headlights on

Gas tank full

Destination unclear

But I’m more than alright


Together or alone

Homeless or at home

In my current city or on the road

I can’t stay wrapped with cynicism anymore


Bitterness shouldn’t call

Can’t take a step with depression no more walks

Looking down like I am defective yes less

Several folks dealing with the same mess

Been praying and believing the Bible saying I’m blessed

Praying to God to conquer all stress


Keep my mind from the cares of this life.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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