Just A Few Letdowns Larry

Just a slight, inconvenience

Calm down, stop hoping so hard

Your expectations get laughs, honey I’m first draft material

Totally unaware of consequences

Hope you’ll hope again dismissing my lack of reliability

Then she twirls her hair while smiling wide


I can count on you, to be unofficial

Reason I keep a constant stock of tissues

Stretch me until I’m fighting bitterness

You make me feel like second place yeah you write in pen, ink erasable

I brag about you then you never show

I look ridiculous loving you everyone except you knows

Tired of living like Larry, disappointments tallied, enemies rally and laugh at me

Then she twirls her hair while smiling wide


Just a slight, inconvenience

Letdowns must come, here I’ll hand you some

Makes you want to retreat to be safe, heart numb, angry within, face colored plum

Such is life.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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