Dead Birds / Sick

Pretty wings
They don’t fly
Nothing moves
Air runs by,

Hear my muffled prayers
Weak hands casting cares
God, who can help me
Who will help me fly to you?


Dead birds do not sing
Late for work missing from branches
So I’m reminded to call
To draw close to you before I fall,

Today hosts a beautiful sky
Even if today is the day I die
Let me praise you Lord while I still can
Bounce and kick some freestyle lyrics as a fan
As yours and yours alone
While I still can.


You stopped me from pulling the trigger several times
Wouldn’t let me overdose time after time
Led me home instead of the brick wall I thought about
Stalled my feet when I wanted to become a part of rush hour traffic suicide statistics,

Let me praise you Lord while I still can
This could be my last day and I’m grateful to be here.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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