Calculator Current

Sometimes it feels like I’m lost and discontinued

Without connection, affection, stressing in and out

Whispers of abandonment echo with rhythm and blues

Like yes God I’m walking daily but in these worn out shoes


My fear is to be abandoned without ears

My fear is to be so stupid and foolish clear directions aren’t clear

Oh God my fear is you talking but I’m in a mirror self absorbed unable to hear

Sometimes I feel like I’m missing your love and all the answers I’ve been searching for won’t appear


The enthusiastic enemy says I’m waste on paper

Foolish and weak even in my Savior

Pointless and invisible to my neighbors

On silent lunch forever God doesn’t want to speak or help

Lies stand mountain height tall constantly replenished presence felt


Jesus, can I cry in your arms?

Strengthen me with potent Psalms.

Holy Spirit, lead me to all truth and keep me away from dunking booths

Set my mind on things above.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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