Dull Driving

Drowsy drive

Awake, alive

Priorities, focus aimed poorly

Mediocre effort, circles with worn feet


The sun is up, it’s dull

My lackluster tendencies old

Lawnmower refusing to start kind of feel

I don’t want to die and God ask why my hands love pockets

Plugged into dead-end sockets


Isolated, my favorite word

I slash rapport and harmony to shreds

Motivation and drive buried in cold gravel

Will I ever wake-up, please pray

Pray for us to spiritually stay awake



Drowsy drive

Shattered scattered attention

Pinky toe acceleration pedal treatment

Ashamed to pray, I haven’t surrendered

Scared I’m going to die a foolish man

Stuck within my signature quicksand


Don’t leave me to myself

Jesus if you will, you can help

This disease of self smothers

Feels like mediocrity and I are lovers

Without you Lord, I cannot do anything

Have I been cheating on you wearing my wedding ring

Pray for us to stay faithful and awake.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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