Garbage Post: Get Over Thy Self

They want a finished product but I’m always under construction, analyzing in real-time, spreadsheet PowerPoint testing functions

Better than repairs, a new creation, renewing the mind outside the cave of limited human understanding, battling fleshly desires, that black tar

Praising God Almighty, praising Jesus Christ, hated because I’m not in love with worldly advice, they swear my pinkies stay up, pedestal glowing with bursting bright lights whenever wherever I show up

Oh he too good, stopped smoking cigarettes and weed, thinking now he’s sinless with a license to hate on southern streets, like his flesh doesn’t scheme, even miss the mark within dreams

I’m listening to James, slow to speak quick to hear slow to anger, can’t apologize for changing because seasons do, you want the same predictable patterns repeating repetitive repetitions redundancy station

I’ll continue learning throughout my, get over thy self, vacation.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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