I Want To Save You

It’s not my place to save you.

Still I see beauty where you don’t.

You hate yourself but I see potential.

Praying for you behind the scenes a little crush blooms.

We’re all flawed and I swear you just need a little help.

I imagine living with you faithfully more than anyone else.

Aroused greatly daydreaming of being faithful to you.

Imagining your face full of relief when you see my lines are true.

But I’m just a man with my own flaws in every corner.

You’ll look for perfection I’ll fail only Jesus can pass such a test.

Don’t get me wrong I try daily.

But for redemption you need God not me.


I want to save you from yourself

Hug and kiss you because everyone else left

Be dependable no matter what

Play in your hair and smack your butt

Rings on and married for years upon years

Kiss away your frustration yeah wipe your tears

Hide your razors and trash all your pills

Be a faithful steward and pay our bills


You need to believe that God doesn’t hate you

Yeah you need to believe there’s a point to your life

Even if I could be perfect would it be enough daybreak through night

When you swear no one cares and abandon yourself when things get tough

I want to save you


You will just pull us both down

Swear I’m a liar then bring your own house down.




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