Garbage Post: Move On Friend

A mutual agreement, two little boxes.

Putting each other away, time to settle losses.

Brighter days are here, let’s put away our old ones, it’s past time.

Never thought I’d pack reminders of you but I must.


Six miles shouldn’t turn into seven, questions upon questions we’re kidding, tell me why we should remain friends, you’ll just walk with me staying back and pretend you’ll catch up soon.

About to burn our memories, good enough to daydream with but your words and actions are empty, how many miles until I realize all your tires are flat?


Wish I didn’t take all these pictures.

A mistake I’ll regret for a little while.

Even after we changed, nothing changed.

A ring worn in secret plain view, say you’re free but it isn’t true, and I know you won’t ever see it no matter what I say.

Packing then disposal, not because I want to but I must, you’ll keep me waiting on your potential never to come close, always looking back, just stay where you are.


Why should six miles turn into seven? What could be never starts, cut off all communication, rip up our letters red hearts, gave myself to you but surprise, you’re always somewhere else tongue twisted hands tied.

I don’t want this anymore. You finally got what you wanted, thought you’d never see, turned away whistling, discounting how it all came to be, tell yourself you had to walk away if it’ll help you fall asleep, I’ll never look for you again, please don’t look for me.


A mutual agreement, two little boxes destroyed.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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