Um So Just The Idea

I can play with my imagination daily and nightly

It’s the only way I can really hold you.

Secretly I’m wondering if I’ve fallen for a lie

You’ll be right with me after an undisclosed amount of time.


You’re not ready and I know it, your priorities show it, still I hold on like okay, but everyday I’m slipping away, what is this for if we can’t be, oh we’re supposed to be passive and see, I’ve been eating and drinking to escape, placed myself in an unlocked cage, but I’m not sure if I want to leave, suffocating on pretty possible far off possibilities.

It’s just the idea

Of leaving someone so familiar behind

She’s not ready

Asking for more and more time.


Caring more about what someone else says, fine, go think about it on your own time, meanwhile I’m working to get you out of concerns, I’m not a teacher who will show the lessons we need to learn, I’m burning up daily, eyes roll when you say you miss me but actions stay ice cold, frozen in place without heat bitterness grows mold, God I’m such spoiled man wanting step by step directions in every aspect lost in every way I can be, the thought of love betrays me slays me, oh please deliver this fool, these days are getting ruthless Lord the nights are getting cruel.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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