Evil Interlude Content

Distance and uncertainty mix with force

Variables increase flexing possible importance

Corrupt comfort whispers wearing his coat with many pockets inside

Promising sweet solutions to anxiety saying he’s got what I need

A little drink. A little weed. Another plate of food. Interactions between my knees. Distractions for a limited time only with promises they’ll keep me warm when I’m lonely.

Liquor says he’ll be here for me no matter what happens

They all left but he’ll stick around with me as captain, for now

Weed says I’ll be too high to think about what I’m missing

Too busy feeling like a hot air balloon and looking for another hit soon

Food says he’s the best way to ease the mind without needing to hide

Stay with him all day without hiding no don’t even have to close blinds

They all pat my back saying I’m abandoned

They have love without tricks it’s not demanding

Images of an exhale, managing what I’m missing I’ll be free fully paid bail, simple ways to fight stress in a simple cocktail, cancel anytime your request won’t fail, it’s just until things get better, until everything is under your control, just one hit to find great peace in a small bowl, just a few pizzas to gain rest for the soul.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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