Reverse Camera With Limited Sight

I want back up

Want you to, back off,

Not scared of commitment

Scared of games,

Your sense of urgency dead

I’m feeling the same,

Days pile

Nights mock,

Holding on without a timer got me feeling lost


Cold and still

Quiet without thrills,

Erasable ink

Her promises fading

Absence stinks,

The petty side of me in mental court

Saying there’s not enough emotional or physical support,

God is it the flesh or ordinary pain

I feel like a victim in a sick twisted heart game


Puzzle pieces unreleased and unrevealed, how we talk with big words but silently keep them in secret sealed,

think I’m unworthy of a fight, hidden from everyone undisclosed light, can’t let anyone find out how my love for you burns bright, it’s a poison position so listen parts have gone missing,

if this is meant to be why hide, if this everything tell every hater bye, it’s easier to deny our existence why do you lie, more importantly why do I try to explain, you don’t have the same weight or pressing matters on your brain,

So I’ll fill time steadily gaining momentum in other ways, especially on lonely days this soap opera exhausting high bill it stays costing highly disappointed this is where we’ll die, blocking your number after a short goodbye,

I want to back up.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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