Garbage Post: Sunlight Smothers Secrets

I’ll pray to forget you

Smother how I’ve felt

Put it out,

See I I’m ready to put you above all

Cancel anyone else no matter how and who calls

You can’t say the same although you do

I’m tired of explaining why it’s not right how you aren’t living the truth.


I hate your deception wrapped with obligations

Hidden things I’ve been ignoring noting every hesitation

Standing by thinking you’ll come clean proud in a blessed declaration

But no, so, I’ll pray to clear this up, because I hate feeling used or stuck, you agree we’re more than luck, then why won’t you say as much, yeah I know you’ve told me why, without seeing how it’ll make me have to go goodbye, hard to explain to my family and friends, why we’re together at a dead-end, maybe it’s me refusing to see, this isn’t how real love should be.


What matters most to you

What will you stand for

Anything but us, I won’t ask you to, I shouldn’t have to

Into the sunlight

We’ll part ways forever.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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