Garbage Post: Example 22

Fall back

Where am I

Two closed eyes

Closed ears

Stop every clock while reconfiguring who I am, yeah how I fit, skipping tracks, dull lights, empty days, bland nights, God Almighty will I ever defeat mirror eyes, enemies flaming arrows dressed as thoughts, corrosive lies ties buyer’s remorse when I purchase doubt, what is this silence all about?


I’ve been crying in cold rain

How can I explain

It feels like I don’t use all of my head, dull brain

Oh it’ll get better they say, whatever, okay, in the meanwhile here’s to swiss cheese umbrellas, hide your feelings and die inside strong fella

Walking with stride but feel like a funeral, who died, better not get caught on the self-pity ride

Pity go round until all is blurred, positive words don’t seem right all slurred

Isolation can bring growth bad times must be endured self-hate promise applied with an oath

I’m not alone although I’m alone, not forsaken although all seem gone, no responses in the field but I know home

Sincerely yours, the mess of all messes, asking for prayers plus super blessed blessings

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