Jesus Eyes

Your eyes are what I seek right before I sleep, imagination on fire with holy desire being filled with the Holy Ghost, popping up praising you doing more into the most, glory to you inside this post as I praise despite dreary surroundings, pounding until I see how your perspective is better, get myself together, only in your power Jesus my strong tower prayer every hour upon hour.


A brighter day after this suffering so no mumbling or complaining, garment clean courtesy of my savior got me praying for my enemies and neighbors, better than Hollywood lightsabers, gotta a force beyond all forces, the only light leading to God approved courses, for training, explaining maintaining refreshing water never draining I’m saying thank you God for your loving-kindness, beautiful yes sir on time every set, gifts with no regrets, goodness he is and he begets.


Never get tired of asking for praise team status but first let me be a doer of the word not forgetful of what I’ve heard, standing foolishly empty headed on all curves absurd, put me in class, teach me elegance and submission, proper reverence blessed wisdom knowledge and understanding so I’ll get it, yeah work and will in me to be with it, imagine the smiles as we walk in peace, free without fear Satan destroyed flesh tricks deceased.


He who endures to the end.

He who endures to the end.

He redeemed trash like me, ask for anything good boy, I was empty, not as bad as some, but still dying and numb, was being seduced by suicide she’d come over half dressed asking if I wanted to ride late at night, she said after one gunshot to the head her grip would be tight, whispering I was wasting time because no one loved me, that pistol grip kissed me, tried to hug me.


Stains in my head, God knows, depression still skinny dipping exposing toes saying we are meant for each other never foes, God calls me to better, promising his ears never closed, day by day wading through swamp and pain, since 1996, it has gotten better I used to carve into my wrists, prayer, even angry ones, all heard all answered hun, even when the answer was silence, I’m thankful for his love and strength to end my self-hate, violence.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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