Garbage Post: Marble Down

Sunglasses at all times, never see disappointment or regret, pondering tomorrow but today isn’t through yet, why gamble all is random, wasted bets stupid anthems


I’m coming home refreshing refresh rates, cleaning mental dishes carefully considering my thought plate, late night assessments they cannot wait, pattern seeker, I. N. F. J scientist engaged with beakers, chilled worship music in headphones, peace via speaker


Face value undetermined yeah I’m learning, consequences chances opportune moments man in the mirror main opponent boy believe he stay on it regarding deception, practicing looking both ways at choose your own adventure intersections although it can be quite perplexing, daily looking up at God Almighty with confession prayer is blessed blessing, perfect salad perfect dressing


My ego a foe, you know, interviews in my head what I think should be said, done while talking to no one, it’s dumb, broadcast extended twenty four hours programming bursting with foolishness, reruns, prefer quiet meditation instead I get dummy drums, pride a big spender unlimited funds


Curled up in the corner tangled with self, cares of this life are thorns and God I need your help, otherwise I’ll be trapped in the hallway maze of mirrors, dim reflection coated in scum stuck on repeat track one.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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