Heavy Yard Work

His heavy armor protects

Blessed by God the perfect author

I use his shield with honor


Blood sweat and rain in my eyes still I battle in his strength and might until he says it is enough.

Feet steadfast and incoming arrows coated dirty lies whispered in my ears suggested through my eyes so will I believe God or believe my senses tell me which one has the best defenses yeah which one never lies.


When everyone leaves

When welcoming bridges deceive

When my understanding proudly puffs its chest out in arrogance

I better humble myself and remember

Who I belong to


Blood sweat and tears as I battle flesh and the unseen in Jesus Christ without him I cannot operate self-denial while carrying my cross until he says well done.

All alone I’m never alone my Father will always remain yes through growing pains discipline not pleasant but it lays tracks being trained until I hear well done good and faithful servant.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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