Share Days With

Hours at sea in bed tossing and turning to creaking speaking while sleeping we’ve decided to show each other favorite windows no one else knows.

See where we respect life ponder death get uneasy stomachs before challenging days maybe cry silently when we pray feel numerous ways listening to birds give God praise.

Hoping we end up looking out the same place fastening our armor preparing to meet these evil days without fear button the buttons I missed dearly beloved dear.

Honored to take night watches and watch you sleep I nod to the sun when it creeps up best friend we’ve been quietly counting our connection born from early morning window blessings.

Tell me what you see.

Started from our separate windows until we became one now mugs and hugs coffee cakes green apples room temperature glazed honey buns.

Bible reading sincere prayer then looking out our window together breezes kissing foreheads and hair and I never want to forget how we are loved right now.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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