Puzzle Life

I want to put every piece together

Determine how things go

Shape the final portrait

In ways I chose and know

Fighting my head

Trying to understand

This isn’t my puzzle

These aren’t my plans


God, I am yours

God, this is your creation

Not mine, I step out of line trying to help

Making a gigantic mess

Praying today I’ll submit

My life is yours yeah where I fit


Are you sure

You don’t need a hand

As if my efforts

Ever make anything better


I think you fall asleep

I’ll steer

Only to crash then weep

Scared because I don’t have control

Scared because I always believe I know

The best way to move ahead

When I did what I wanted eyes stayed red

Dizzy and confused so hopeless

God I’ve always been loved in your perfect focus


This isn’t my puzzle

These aren’t my plans

Shouldn’t be fighting what I don’t understand

Must trust in you with all I am

Only in your love can I stand.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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