White Balloons

She held a balloon for him while days transformed into blurry weeks

Pondering why holding on felt one-sided when it rained

Any thoughts she spoke soothed away with his smile and verbal certificates of promise

If she asked deeper he shut it down but made it fun when he stuck around

Holding that balloon swearing it would pay off

While he left her on hold feeling foolish abandoned and lost

She said, if he won’t hear me, truly listen, I’ll let him go

I’ll hold this balloon, until he drives away, then I’ll erase these memories day by day.


He doesn’t belong in my head anymore

He doesn’t get privileges of my love

I’ve been holding on too long yeah denial got me good.


Six years of rowing with nothing permanent going, balloon in hand

He gets louder claiming she can’t and won’t understand

Cold tears race her face, sir, she finally does

Play somewhere else, you’re not serious, you’re not ready, you’re already home

Anywhere else but not with her, why drag out the truth is it fun being wanted no matter what you do

Embarrassed holding a white balloon and it’s getting dark but there’s a full moon

And tonight is a perfect time to let a worthless string go while walking in the house crying.


He doesn’t deserve her love anymore.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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