Garbage Post: Meant 2

I’ll get you to think

Eyes wide all smiles

Because I see potential,

Simple man it’s all elementary

Handshake yeah it’s all complementary

I’ll open up treasures

Dance with you level upon level,

See I see a side of you that you don’t

Bringing light forth is my point

Call me a member of the band

Song, songwriter, dance igniter

Poetic pen packer, line holy fire,

Just when depression says aha

I bring you out like daybreak

Laugh giggle stomp shimmy shake

And we’re going to give God Almighty glory

Until death end of story

Anything else just bores me

Ain’t you tired of life being boring?


Laymen’s terms


You were meant to read this

Born for such a time as this

Don’t even know how precious you are

Been through so much and still kicking hard

And you should look above instead of on the Earth

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