Absence Teaching

Yeah I’ll miss you if you go

I miss you now, staying away hurts me

I understand you have reasons written in your notebook


Let me be selfish

What about me

I want you

But I’m left out in sea

Awaiting your return

Surrounded by water but still I burn

Yeah I’ll miss you

I miss you tonight

Why are you asking

If I’ll notice your absence

This is getting old

Actually immature


Build or abandon

Stay or forsake

Acknowledge or ignore

You know I want you

Stop acting as if difficulty means trickery

Fight or flee

Are we worth fighting for

I know so, you’re still thinking, yellow lights blinking

This world is too big

Surely someone else will step up

Surely someone else wants what I can give.


We’re wasting time

Time I don’t have

I want love and I have plenty to give.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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