Enemy Sings His Side

Between cracks is my home, the enemy says so, very resistant when I say go he says no points to my life flow and laughs, I write to understand, he says every post is trash should occupy my mind with getting cash, physical goodies are sinister under secular hoodies.


Rain a constant theme because I feel it every hour always turbulence, threatening thunderstorm showers, I read and pray but feel evaporation takes place and sometimes imagine my heavenly Father with a sour face waiting for the completion of ignorance to close my case, race to run and refuse to use my legs as I stumble over what he has said whispering to self just stay in bed, already embarrassed I imagine my judgment-seat appearance with dread although I know God has mercy.


Between cracks,

Boy, you’re going to fall and no one can bring you back,

Between cracks,

God gonna get tired of your foolishness and wave his hands declare your soul to be banned from good for good.

The enemy sings his song.


Trust, believe, I hear what you say but can’t translate or receive although I acknowledge it all sadly I crawl, frustrated baffled humiliated it’s understated how God’s love seems to be everywhere including in me and yet my brain produces drool, want God to rule not cares of this life, affections aren’t set right screws ain’t tight, night not light bright, swinging but no fight eating ineffective bites for a proper spiritual appetite.


Strongholds cast down, new hope found, hands truly freed unbound, to ignore the the enemy’s song.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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