Janet Drum

Happy in trading smiles while alone

Keep them coming without running shoes,

If I make you want to stay, stay

If I bring out life’s light, stay,

Guess it’s too much too soon

Gotta wait until there’s no other place with lights like this

Wait for night, research life, until you’re out of road,


Then pictures on our walls will nod is it not odd how together we erupt in goodness for the better, napkin in shirts digesting mana, Holy Spirit fuel charity instead mule ways eyes glowing growing when Bibles open scoping hoping in God’s goodness for greatness

Fools to the world, wise to the true kingdom but humble mumble scriptures before threats knowing following Jesus Christ will never be a regret, God is for us what can man do? Kill the body never the soul a better life now regret later never the goal stacking riches in Heaven thieves can’t steal those so we trade smiles until our eyes close for good.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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