Church Member On The Back Pew

God says, focus on the solution instead of the problem.

Drifting mind on a low raft, mighty splashes come to overrun.

God tell me how fear has helped me through, not at all you’ll say, trust my love always.

God tell me what has changed inside of fear, what good has appeared doubting?


Every second I remain alive

Opportunities to give everything I am to you

Holding back with hands shaking while my mind proclaims it’s breaking isn’t logical

Pull down my fences, erase my defenses, adjust my attention, your grace to be mentioned

Change this man into a vessel fully approved, mountains cast into the sea moved

Oh God I’m glad you don’t walk away, I’m glad you promise you’ll always stay, please grab my hands if I walk yeah stray, don’t leave me to my own devices I pray.


I’m hard-headed, say things then forget what I’ve said.

Cry then go play in traffic, time and time again, dizzy head.

Father, you know me, scared I’m a double-minded vicious sea.

Can’t sit, not a folding chair, pray I’m not rebellious God, please know I want thee.

Never say I’m too much, never say I’ll die in the wilderness and you’ve given up, please don’t leave me alone in Hell with a handheld mirror, all of my weaknesses concentrated, bitter.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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