Rain Hits The Window And I Think I Shouldn’t Talk

Take me into class with transformation work I’ve been a jerk stupid and silly ill-looking smirks now that I’m isolated dismantle my defenses reinforced concrete blowtorch hellfire tongue speech am I’m too ignorant please speak to these dry bones never ever leave me alone I’ll probably be the worst man you’ve ever seen but I know in Jesus Christ I can be made clean ready to be used and shown like fancy new jeans teach me Lord.


I’m afraid of coming up short in life but more importantly missing conversations with you hurt, what can momentary pleasures accomplish I’m tired plus thirsty, hungry, so I eat, but it’s your daily bread that brings forth peace I’ve been searching in dumpsters everything else is dung flung to distract I’m praying to react to the truth ma’am just the facts otherwise I step on thoughts sharpened tacks going flat gird my loins and be a man or whine plus cheese rat.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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