Emergency At The Lighthouse

Searching for pure light

In shady alleyways

Out of place

Places unsafe

Bandage after bandage

Empty boxes extravagant labels

Sensual exits into confusion

Leading to ruin.

Tumbling summersaults vault only to bend my wrists then drop defective parts or operator error?

Map offline sensors blind empty finding nothing I find this horrifying friend I can’t see shaken by raging seas sounds trembling knees.

Where am I?

Operator not available.

What am I doing?

Probably perishing.

Should I choose trust?

Seems irresponsible.

Then what should I do?!

You’re too gone for clues.

God will never leave or forsake!

Maybe you’ve been too bad.

What does that mean?

Silent waves use hands and grab.

This ain’t true!

But what does it feels like?

We walk by faith not sight!

You’ll die alone in the night.

Fear pushing anxiety weights disconnection of identity catching fighters out of place scared abandonment is real but God doesn’t lie and believers are sealed.

Is that it? Believe even though high winds howl lighthouse light above dead with weaknesses within navigating closer weapons glistening will I trust I’m safe or abandon post?

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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