Prayer In Poetry Breaks

Lights out bedtime calculations with sad tone questions fear examinations am I hard-headed testing salvation God’s long-suffering gracious patience I grind my teeth I eat all I can eat but feel cut

Yeah so here I am again feeling lost among greater believers mister build on sand without a foolproof plan a true king of immaturity without growth asleep yeah even I’m tired of me where will I be

Trust weak slipping feet and I pretend in public cry home very discrete drifting into my hands a sad face gone but never leaving chances renewed if I’m breathing let’s see then I’ll forsake unbelief no wearing a heavy wreath God Almighty bless my leap until then my friends and family won’t hear a peep

I’m laying in bed experiencing aquatic waves of shame doubt and pain I’m inside still hit by rain spiritual warfare in the brain Jesus steady the steering wheel balance in lanes I’ll write until class is done on the bus home I’ll freestyle until my stop comes run until legs done then crawl cast down strongholds vicious brawl God is closer after pride mauled.

Liquor makes me thirsty food makes me hungry weed makes me high only to drop I hear a pop as I plop light up again until I rot asking how I received knots tossed by sensual fillers fleshy assassins well-equipped killers sent to ruin my testimony homey only God can fulfill a hard to swallow pill in a world of flashy thrills.

Jesus asking even while you were an enemy who paid your bills?

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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