Country Porch Prayer

Day to day pain hurts but I’ll be fine

If I see you smiling brightly when it’s time

Currently I feel inadequate and unimportant

But you’ll hug me and say it’s not so

You’ll hug me and hold my hand to where I should go

Oh Jesus I’ve been crying swearing I’ve been dying in a corner

Let me hold you tight and cry as we walk


Walk home.


Did you read my poems

The positive ones

Did you hear the music playing in my head for you

Simple man blues turned into a pretty sky all things have changed

Please tell me I’m accepted forever

Get to see your face and eternity in grace.


My fear is being called a waste of time

Yelled at without a valid rebuttal or reply

I can take being discarded by man

Can’t handle removal from where you stand

Don’t leave me to myself.

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