PorchLight Rules

Caressed then dropped, bubbles popped, we had so much, all is lost, I waited for a shadow.

Gears shifted in her escape, pretending our love could stand time’s bitter taste, I’m ready while she whispers wait, there’s something more important than us, an ever-changing gate.

Stomped my budding expectation blossoms, ripped my darling devotion pedal collection, emptied rare reserves I cared for, changed equations now this doesn’t add up like once before.


Now I’ll hold back effort just in case, it seems too easy for me to be replaced, there’s always a fire somewhere honey and you’re on the case, go and run to it sugar, have your way.


I don’t want somebody obligated to me, not gonna pull you around guilt trip city, ain’t gonna rush you baby go-ahead take your time, just don’t be upset with what I do with mine.

Stopwatches and timers don’t display excuses, good intentions and good plans are subject to abuses, we all have our choices and chances to take, better be sure of the path because regret is an ocean not a lake.


Don’t stand still if you want to go, just go. No need for saying sorry, hang up and go. Don’t ask things to stay the same like you don’t already know they won’t.

There will always be a fire, and you’ll be on the way, I can’t say don’t go, you better not ask me to stay, looking out the window for you like you’re coming back. Don’t bother asking where I’m at.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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