In Health Class

What price, is your life, your health, chances of survival?

Insurance, pay for detection and maintenance else ignorant decay worn into bones, left alone to die from lack of paper.


Tell me, our existence is important to you while watching us die with your hand out.

Can’t pay? Don’t breathe. Tell God to help you pay us or go to sleep.

Paper, the difference.


I saw their smiling faces say, once you’ve gone so far there’s nothing they can do and that’s what you get for being foolish.

Even if you turn around the damage has been done and that’s what you GET, for making mistakes.

Heard them say, oh well, should have been more educated and cared for. Make room for us we’ve done more.

Your life, laughed away they’ll charge the family for your grave even in death all debts must be paid.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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