BrokenVille Limits

Will anyone tell the truth?

Can anything on Earth be believed?

Swindle, swinging, robbing, misleading, beatings, deception, redirects.

Snakes behind cardboard walls laughing, flaunting, taunting, mocking.

Looking good, desirable bottomless pits, hips, nips, clips loaded for any unaware.

Flawless presentations, power, money, sensual diversions and distractions in all colors, sizes, labels, fully able so willing to smother with darkness, you’ll fall in love.

You’ll fall in love. You’ll fall deeper and deeper and deeper.

You will fall, swearing it’s what you’ve always wanted, it’s cozy, it’s familiar until standing seems impossible.

What about my family and kids? Oh, leave them, child. What about my life? Just settle down and stay awhile a while.

Only one place to go, only one Savior to know, he is the vine, we’re branches in need.

No one else has the truth, they claim they do, will anyone tell the truth?

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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